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Court Repair & Resurfacing
Resurfacing of Tennis, Basketball, and other Hard Multi-recreational Courts:

PATRIOT COURT SYSTEMS, INC. specializes in repairs and resurfacing of various hard courts. A well maintained tennis, basketball, or other recreational court surface will extend the life of the court and will provide the best playing surface for the players.

You can choose from a varierity of colors and surfaces with an acrylic surfacing system from California Products.

Suitable for all climatic conditions, the Plexipave� color surface protects your asphalt or concrete court from deterioration. We apply it in three coats and the texture of the court can be adjusted to your needs. This is our most popular surface and is applicable to tennis, basketball, and many other types of courts.

If you want a surface that is easier on the joints and softer on the players' body, a resilient extra layer called Plexicushion� may be added. The Plexicushion� surface is an added cushioned sub-surface layer that will increase the comfort and ease of play.

For a variety of hard multi-recreational surfaces, inline hockey, basketball, and other sports we offer the Plexiflor� system from California Products. This system is designed for maximum life under stressful conditions. The added plexicushion will provide a strong yet manageable surface that your players will love for years to come.

PATRIOT COURT SYSTEMS, INC. pays attention to details when resurfacing courts. We will work with you to find the best system for your players needs. We look at the subsurface and surface drainage and make corrections to puddling or "birdbaths". Patching low spots, filling cracks, and leveling of the playing surface are all standard features of our resurfacing craftmanship.

Repair of Tennis, Basketball, and other hard multi-recreational courts:

Extensive cracking and low spots are fairly common in older tennis courts and our company can work with you to find the best method to repair your court. For a temporary solution to failed surfaces a resurfacing will do an adequate job. But with more extensive damage and subsurface failure comes the need for a Post-Tension Concrete Cap or a Hot Asphalt Overlay. Your best soultion can be determined by our Professional Engineer.
Repair and resurfacing is recommended every 4 to 6 years to maintain optimum playing conditions on a tennis, basketball, or recreational court.
Three standard court colors are available
Light Green
Florida Green
California Red
Special and Custom court colors are available upon request
Sahara Sand
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Patriot Court Systems, Inc. is a bonded and insured Texas corporation. We do all types of recreational surfaces and can satisfy the needs of your players with a variety of tennis courts, basketball courts, hard multi-recreational courts, and other hard court surfaces. We look forward to showing you our expertise with our construction, resurfacing, and repair techniques. To contact us as quick as possible you should call direct to Ben Brooks at (713)822-5554.

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