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Comparison of the Different Hard Courts
In the pictures: From start to finish, a post-tension tennis court construction by our company.
Post-tension Concrete Court
The Best- Recommended

A concrete slab with steel tension cables placed in the correct positioning to "pull" the slab together. An advanced construction technique that is virtually crack resistant. It is highly recommended and is the preferred method of court construction in order to keep maintenance costs down. When the concrete moves due to ground shifting, the high tension cables keep the slab in one piece and the surface free of problems that would affect gameplay.

Reinforced Concrete Court

A concrete construction with steel reinforcement bars (rebar) built with forms and screeds set accurately and secured to prevent settlement or movement. Expansion joints are installed usually between courts or at the net line to allow movement of the concrete and prevent cracking. This method of concrete construction is very strong but does not have the capabilities of the high tension wires of post-tension to keep the court together if the subsurface moves a fair amount.

Asphalt Mix Court

Hot Mix Asphalt is spread and compacted with a uniform density and thickness on top of a subbase. This is probably the most common court in our area but because of its properties can result in extensive repairs if the subsurface fails. Any shifts in the ground subbase and the result is a surface that can become non-functional. However with a properly managed subsurface analysis, an asphalt court can be engineered to become a great court.


Patriot Court Systems, Inc. is a bonded and insured Texas corporation. We do all types of sports surfaces and can satisfy the needs of your players with a variety of tennis courts, basketball courts, hard multi-recreational courts, and other hard court surfaces. We look forward to showing you our expertise with our construction, resurfacing, and repair techniques. To contact us as quick as possible you should call direct to Ben Brooks (713)822-5554.