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Patriot Court Systems, Inc.
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Court Repairs and Resurfacing

Typical Repair Job Before and then After
Typical Resurface Job Before and then After
Court Resurfacing

A well maintained tennis, basketball, or other recreational court surface will extend the life of the court and will provide the best playing surface for the players. We first clean and grind the existing courts to a smooth surface so that all undulations are removed and the surface is ready for repairs. Next we repair all cracks and level the court so that the playing surface is equal and applicable for sports play. Then we apply the resurfacing system of your choice. The typical court will use the Plexipaveďż˝ three coat system. The Plexipave color surface protects your asphalt or concrete court from deterioration and is suitable for all climates. Finally we apply the correct line pattern for your style of court and within a couple of days the court is ready for play.

Court Repairs

Extensive cracking and low spots are fairly common in older tennis courts and our company can work with you to find the best method to repair your court. For a temporary solution to failed surfaces a resurfacing will do an adequate job. But with more extensive damages due to subsurface failures comes the need for a Post-Tension Concrete Cap or a Hot Asphalt Overlay . These two options take your existing court and place an entirely new layer of surface material, in essence creating a brand new tennis court. Your brand new court will have the quality of a new tennis court and will provide a long life to your sport structure. Placing a cap on your court is the only proven method for fixing a failing older tennis court, basketball court, or other hard multi-sport surface.


Before repair and resurfacing

After repair and resurfacing by Patriot Court Systems, Inc.

Patriot Court Systems, Inc. is a bonded and insured Texas corporation. We do all types of sports surfaces and can satisfy the needs of your players with a variety of tennis courts, basketball courts, hard multi-recreational courts, and other hard court surfaces. We look forward to showing you our expertise with our construction, resurfacing, and repair techniques. To contact us as quick as possible you should call direct to Ben Brooks (713)822-5554.